Learning Journey by: Pathways Educational Systems Ltd
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Learning Journey Frameworks  

Learning Journey

The most comprehensive observation tool anywhere - probably

  • Designed with practitioners in mind across a wide range of organisations
  • An innovative and fresh solution delivering stability, reliability & cost effectivneness.
  • Everything managed within the app.
  • A flexible approach with bespoke frameworks - meaning your'e in control.
  • Options and availability for individuals, through to large organisations
  • Share and transfer data between agencies and individuals
Reduce overheads whilst improving quality and productivity
Simple - Intuitive - Flexible

The Pathways Learning Journey App provides all encompassing tracking solutions

Learnning Joournal Response Times Reducted
Designed with Education in mind
See the benifits on time saving
Fully Responsive
Design Simplicity
Time Saving
Learning Journey has been designed
to enable quick response when creating
observations & reports for individuals
and groups within your setting.
Learning Journey's design has been
carefully considered, without
compromising its functionality.
Learning Journey not only has
great features, butt the time
savings you experience allow
greater hands on time with your students.


Learning Journey has a built in online and offline functionality. So why stay stuck in the classroom?
Get out and explore. Ideal for residential trips, workplace assessments, camps, & more
Simply connect to your provider or internet WiFi when you can to seamlessly sync data records.
Secure Appliications
Learning Journey for mobile devices
Intuative Observations
Simplicity its itself
The technologies behind securing Learning Journey app go above and beyond industry standards. Both within the app its self, as well as our cloud based server technologies, giving you peace of mind.
Pathways have paid a lot of attention to providing a high level of usability. Which ultimately means you get the results you want, when you want, maximising your time and efforts.
Work Smarter Not Harder
Work Smarter NOT Harder
Share Observations
No more post-it notes, separate photos, printing, time wasting to marry them all up! Everything is all in one place. Email, print, & share with parents all from your device/s.
Share observations with colleagues, outside agencies, direct with parents and students.
Designed By You
Designed with educationalists
Transfer Observations
Learning Journey by Pathways Educational Systems has been designed around the needs and recommendations of our customers. We are always more than happy to hear from you. Learning Journey is organic in that it is always meeting the needs and wants of our customer base.
When students further their education or move location you have the option to transfer their observations over to their new provider. Giving them an insight to students abilities, allowing for clarity and continuity between agencies.
(From Per Annum)
£1.75 per Student
10,000 Records
Multiple Users
Multiple Students/ Individuals
Create PDF's, email reports
Transfer data between schools/ organisations
Multiple devices
Upgrade to Cloud services available
Download Learning Journey for iOS Download from the app store  
100,000 Records
Multiple Users
Multiple Students/ Individuals
Create PDF's, email reports
Multiple devices
Cloud services
Transfer student data between schools
Designed with educationalists Contact us for more information



Add, Edit Students

Add and edit students directly within the app..

  • No more having to jump online to web sites to add, edit or remove students
  • Customise the information you wish to add to student information
    - eg Name, DOB, Group/ Class, SEN, Team Groups etc..
  • Assign students to specific staff and/ or frameworks

Download, Create and Edit Frameworks

Add and edit your very own frameworks within the app..

  • There are a number of pre-configured frameworks for you to download
  • Add your own framework for you organisation
  • Edit existing frameworks including pre-loaded


Set user permissions according to access

Set security levels and access directly within the app..

  • Add users directly within the Learning Journey settings
  • Set user groups - assigning permissions for each group
  • Assign users to a specific user group for added security, for example:
    - Ofsted group that has read only permissions for observations