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  Parent app - linking home and school  
Childminders - create a history of your childrens journey with you for parents to see
Staff Collaboration
Practioniairs Senior Management
  • All staff have access to Learning Journeys
  • Reduced work load (No more cutting and sticking!)
  • Collaborative assessments
  • Monitor pupil progress
  • Moderate staff
Home / School / Ofsted
Using the Learning Journey app meets the requirements of Home, School, Ofsted whilst pupils remain the main focus.
Additional Frameworks

Currently the following Frameworks are available to download from the iTunes App Store:

  • EYFS
  • P-Scales
  • National Curriculum for September 2014

Other frameworks are currently being worked on and will be available soon. Should you have any suggestions on frameworks you would like to see, please feel free to inform us of your requirements.

Pupil Movement
As family situations change, may be due to moving home for example, pupils movement between schools can be easily transferred between schools. Simply ask your current school to contact your child's new placement with a unique secure code. This will enable seamless transfer of information. Should you have the parents app on your mobile device this will not be effected.
Parent Involvement
Engaging parents with home school communication is now much easier. This is easily done via the parent app, not only allowing parents to view observations carried out by practitioners, but to upload to the cloud based versions of the 'Learning Journey' evidence of what their child has been doing.

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